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The Institute currently has a membership base of over 25,000 members spanning associate, full member, and fellowship. Many of our members are occupying strategic positions in their organizations and are constantly adding value to their stakeholders.To date, we have over fifteen thousand members at Associate, Full Membership, and Fellowship levels

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We are also committed to the training of graduating students of tertiary institutions with a view to empowering them for post-graduation challenges. Many of our trainees have gone on to become assets to their respective organizations.ISMN is into synergic alliances and partnerships with local and international institutions..

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ISMN undertakes training of members on a continuous basis in strategic management, strategic leadership, and governance. Our periodic Mandatory Continuous Development Programmes (MCPDs) are geared towards enriching our members’ knowledge of contemporary tools and techniques in strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation

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As part of our overall stategy of developing a critical mass of capacious, competent and capable Nigeria professionals, we hereby invite application from individuals for appointment, the person must be in good standing and accountable

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  • ISMN is Good For Me
  • The Facilitators were Knowledgeable
  • Strategically Happy Person
  • Family of great Oppotunity
  • Big Well done
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  • Work as The Strategic Plan Officer

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